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Greeting from the President

Since its founding in 1892, ASAKURA SENPU CO., LTD has consistently maintained dyeing and processing which is the original business at our company.
At present, with a focus on stretch kuit with good elasticity, we aim to become an enterprise that contributes to a healthy and wealthy lifestyle through dyeing processing of varrious clothing waterials included golf wear, and racing swimsuit used for top athletes active in the world.

In particular, by giving added value  processing such as water repellency and water absorption processing toa syuthetic fiber such as ployester and nylon, we have added new functions to textile products and developed clothing materials that will lead to satisfaction of our customers.
Furthermore, we have developed our own household goods products including Japanese wrapping cloth “Nagare” making use of water repellent, so that me have been developing businesses that will always serve our customers.

In the dyeing and processing industry, we are engaged in business using many resources such as fuel, electricity and water.
In order to improve this situation even a little, we are constantly introducing efficient manufacturing equipment, considering saving resources. In the near future, we will also introduce processing equipment that conforms to environmental standards for industrial wastewater discharging in large quantities,
We will continue to work on our business with the aim of becoming a company with consideration for the environment.

In addition, we share wisdom with employees working at our company, and as a company policy the open door policy,We will continue to foster a corporate culture that will make life more meaningful and enjoyable,
We will strive for corporate management rooted in the area.

Representative Director and President