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●dewelry® (water repellent processing) with excellent water repellent durability and refreshing breathability

In dewelry® (water repellent processing), by covering the surface of one filament of fiber with fluorocarbon of nanoparticles, it exhibits surprising water repellency. Also, because it is processed at high temperature, it keeps durable and water repellent performance unbearable even when washing more than 100 times.
it is because the feature of dewelry® (water repellent processing) is not coating the entire fabric, you can get comfortable comfort without impairing the original breathability of the fabric.

●Regarding the difference between water repellent processing and waterproof processing

The waterproof coating coats the entire fabric and prevents invasion of water.
However, it will fill the gaps in the fiber, so breathability and texture of the fiber will be gone.
On the other hand, water repellent finish has been done to thread one by one to repel water .
Therefore, it repels moisture that is not subject to strong pressure.
Also, since we are not blocking the myriad cloths of the fabric, water, steam and air will pass through the gaps of the fabric.
However, such in the heavy rain, this water repellent processing can not prevent entry of water.

●Regarding washing of water repellent fabric

Washing of our water repellent fabric is no problem even if you use detergent at home washing machine.
However, there are occasional inquiries that the water repellent effect disappears in one washing.
It is considered that water repellent performance deterioration is due to washing using softener is used.
In that case, the water repellent performance will recover by the following procedure.
1.If washing with softener-containing detergent, rinse it with water or lukewarm water for about 10 minutes.
(Since the softener is water-absorbing, there are cases where the water repellent effect is hindered if it is attached)
2.After rinsing, dehydrate and dry (both sunlight and tumbler is O.K.) and iron it.
Iron is medium temperature (160 degrees) recommended.

In addition, please do not use bleach because it will deteriorate water repellent function.