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It corresponds to nylon and polyester materials. From the scouring process of fabric to the shipment of inkjet printed goods (direct)
Processing is possible consistently. You can also specify the design of the original design and addition of post processing (such as water repellent processing).

●Characteristics of inkjet processing
 ・Quick delivery
By adopting the direct printing method, short delivery time and low cost are realized.
In general, each process such as pretreatment is generally performed at a separate factory,
But we have equipments that can consistently handle in-house operations from scouring to shipment of processed goods.
This made it possible to deal with even shorter delivery times. In traditional textile printing, delivery time of about 2 months was necessary, but now  since plate making and matching are unnecessary, shipping is possible in the shortest two weeks.・Small batch production
Small lot production is possible at low cost because perforation is unnecessary.

・It is possible to print on nylon material
Printing to nylon material which is difficult to print compared with polyester material is also possible.

・High-quality print
Using 8 colors, 16 heads, we achieved full-color printing capable of color expression of 16.7 million colors.
In addition, since high resolution printing of 540 × 360 to 540 × 720 dpi is possible, it is possible to reproduce a smooth gradation which was impossible in the version.

・Supple texture impregnated in the material
Unlike transfer printing, since it is dyeing, the inkjet print area will not become hard or peel off.

・High dye fastness
Lightfastness, washing, acid sweat, alkaline perspiration, friction both clear 4th grade.

・Excellent added value scalability
It is possible to add various functions such as water repellent processing and chlorine odor processing after printing as well as inkjet printing.

・Regarding the submission
In order to prevent data troubles, we ask you to submit the data according to this entry condition.