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Ink Jet Processing

dewelry® (water repellent processing)

PEEP CUT®(Anti-theft processing)
Oil Connect FSE

Water absorption SR processing

Our textile processing technology holds high technical skill with long experience and processing know-how accumulated in history.
In addition, we are actively working on developing new processing technologies independently.
Below is a list of possible textile processing technologies available at our company.


Processing Processing contents Target material Features
Ink Jet Processing Direct digital printing on cloth PE, NY Fine expression of 300 dpi or more
dewelry® (water repellent processing) It is processing to repel water. Excellent durability compared to general water repellen PE, NY PE washing 50 times 4 grade clearing
PFOA free correspondence
PEEP CUT®(Anti-theft processing) It blocks the infrared ray and has the effect of preventing theft by the special camera. NY Infrared absorption processing
Oil Connect FSE It is processing to adsorb only the oil to the fabric. PE Water repellent oil absorption processing
Water absorption SR processing It makes it easier for dirt to fall by making dough easier to absorb water. PE, NY It is easy to absorb water, making it easy to fall down. Water absorption quick drying.
Deodorant processing We will process deodorant effect according to various odors. PE, NY Multi-deodorizing processing (sweat / nonenal)
Antibacterial deodorization processing It is a process to suppress bacterial growth. PE, NY SEK mark correspondence
Bacterial processing It is a powerful process to suppress the growth of bacteria that are concerned in hospitals and the like. PE MRSA compliant
Cool feeling processing It is a process to give a cool feeling when worn. PE, NY, AC Xylitol processing
Heat insulation processing It is a process that reflects infrared rays and prevents heat. PE, NY Average 2 ° C DOWN
Anti-pilling process It is a process to suppress occurrence of pill caused by rubbing of the dough. PE Little change in texture
Flexible processing It is a process to finish soft texture. PE, NY, AC To the required softness
Antistatic treatment It suppresses the generation of static electricity and makes clothes less sticky. PE, NY, AC All material correspondence
Brushing and shearing process Brush up with a needle cloth PE, NY General brushed, both sides brushed

PE: Polyester NY: Nylon AC: Acrylic

※ For transaction unit price please contact our sales representative.
For inkjet processing, gluing and image processing costs are required separately.