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 It is a process to play water and a dsorb only oil.


●Features of Oil Connect FSE

・Play the water and instantly adsorb only the oil.

・Because of polyester 100%, dioxin etc. does not occur even if it burns after use.

・Oil Connect FSE contributes to purification of environmental pollution by oil.

・Especially useful for cleaning machines and parts that are dirty with oil.


●Uses of Oil Connect FSE

・Recovery of oil spilled to the sea, river, lake, ground, etc.
・Maintenance of machinery, oil leakage of piping, cleaning of machinery and car etc.
・Other, use the place where oil is used in living environment
・If you would like to see the OIL CONNECT FSE in detail, please click here
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●The test result of a heavy oil adsorption ratio measurement

  contents of the test
「A test cloth cut to 10 cm square was placed in a flat bat filled with A heavy oil and allowed to stand for 5 minutes」

Number of tests Before adsorption After adsorption Adsorption amount Adsorbed amount per 1 g
First 1.7 9.5 7.8 4.6
Second 1.6 8.9 7.3 4.6
Third 1.7 9.7 8.0 4.7
単位(g) 平均 4.63

Please click here to see the state of oil adsorption.
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●Information on sales of fabric sample

  Oil Connect FSE fabric sample will be divided. <20 sheets (30 cm × 25 cm) / 1,000 yen (including shipping fee)>
Please complete all necessary information below, and contact us, as the subject “Oil Connect FSE fabric sample request” to the following inquiries.

<Necessary matter>
・Postal code / Address / Company name [in the case of a corporation] · Name / Telephone number / Desired set number
(After we received the email, we will send the information of transfer account and total amount. The fabric sample will be shipped after we confirmed the transfer. )
*Unspecified organic substances are mixed due to vegetable oils and animal oils, and may not be easily absorbed, so please verify with samples.
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